Chaos Rising

by The Blast Processors

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AlphaDog1996 thumbnail
AlphaDog1996 I've always been a fan of Metal Sonic (favorite character from the Sonic franchise as a matter of fact!) so it blows me away that they did a song like this, let alone so well! Great job! Favorite track: Metal Destruction (Sonic 4 Metal Sonic).
James O'Brien
James O'Brien thumbnail
James O'Brien Everything the Blast Processors put out is better than the last. I was very impressed with Genesis, and their cover of True Survivor managed to top that, but Chaos Rising has absolutely floored me. Looking forward to the next release! Favorite track: Hard Times (Ice Cap Zone).
Jeffrey "VizardJeffhog" McDonell
Jeffrey "VizardJeffhog" McDonell thumbnail
Jeffrey "VizardJeffhog" McDonell As awesome as the EP is altogether (A+ rendition of Metal Sonic's boss theme, wonderful cover of The Jetzons' "Hard Times", and a cool as heck Chemical Plant arrangement), "The Calm Before The Storm" STEALS THE SHOW. <3 Favorite track: The Calm Before The Storm (Lava Reef Zone).
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The Blast Processors are a SEGA Video Game Cover Band based in Toronto, Canada. They claim to have travelled from the Year 2101 AD where a terrible war, precipitated by the console wars of the 1990’s, has ravaged mankind. Having missed their time modulation by some decades, they resolved to rock.

This is the second EP album from The Blast Processors, covering songs from Sonic 2 to Sonic 4 Episode 2.

released 18 September 2015

(P) 2015 The Blast Processors / (C) 2015 The Blast Processors

The Blast Processors are:
Master System
Mega Drive
Game Gear

Special thanks to James Ronald, James Harding, Jari Salminen, Kai Salminen, Chris Ryberg, Mateo Marshall, the Super Guitar Bros., TWiS, and all of our other friends in the MAGfest and VGM family.

Extra special thanks to the entire community (especially the folks at RadioSEGA and SEGA Nerds) for being so damn supportive of us. You guys are the BEST.

Extra, extra special thanks to SEGA themselves who helped shape our childhoods, and love of sweet, sweet video game music.


released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


The Blast Processors Toronto, Ontario

AD 2101: humanity is on a course for destruction, the wheels of which began turning over a century ago. The last Great Console War ended in the era of Mode 7, leading to unforeseeable cataclysmic events.

Mankind's last hope rides on the shoulders of 5 warriors trained in propaganda, guerrilla warfare, & catchy melodies.

Their mission: to travel back to the past to save the world with rock!
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Track Name: Metal Destruction (Sonic 4 Metal Sonic)


I do not breathe; I cannot feel
I do not care which one is real
Your will to live put to the test
What separates you from the rest
I'm stronger now
You cannot win
Against the evil that's within
No blood to bleed; no bones to break

There's no where to run
There's no where to hide
How do you kill what's not alive
Born into godhood
Coming for you and I can never stop (never stop)

I will not rest until you are dead
Hatred is programmed in my head
Built for destruction
Coming for you and I can never stop (never stop)

Your blue facade, your hardened stare
You look like me, you think I care
Yeah you can fly but I am fast
Let's figure out who's best at last
We've done this dance too many times
You've gone too far you've crossed the line
Your time has come roll up your sleeves
There's one way out and IT'S THROUGH ME


There's no escape
The hour is getting late
Get down on your knees
I'm gonna make you bleed

You think the battle's won
I'm sure you've had your fun
But now I'm gonna win
So let the games begin

It's time to choose
Whether win or lose
If you surrender the ones you love
Will be spared

I am the hero blue
They won't remember you
You think you'll best me
But you're not the first to try

I will make you understand the emptiness inside
I will never understand the emptiness inside
Track Name: Hard Times (Ice Cap Zone)

If I could have all the women in the world
I would take this time to leave
The pressure's on and I'm not some kind of strong man
So take this pain from me

Don't give it a second thought
I can see you've got better things to do
So just take your things and leave

Hard Times
Happiest days of my life
Hard Times gone by (x2)

Late at night with the darkness all around me
I'm drinking all alone
Nothing here but my medicine to guide me
Since I've been on my own

Will I be forgotten now?
Memories that continue to amaze me
Are all but over now

Hard Times
Happiest days of my life
Hard Times gone by (x4)
Track Name: Chemical Rush (Chemical Plant Zone)


There's trouble brewin'
Neurons in my head feel like they're gonna pop

(Want to but I can't stop)

My brain is fumin'
Gotta clear my mind before I hit the drop

I'm feeling toxic waves of fire
Mach ten's my number one desire
Treadin' water gets me higher
Through this endless acid spire

(Drowned in ink)
No time to think in this drink
(Gone insane)
Veins in pain but I need it
(Poison slime)
Out of time but I feel fine
(Feel the rush)
This addiction is chemical

The water's risin'
You've got no idea how deep that liquid goes

(Fallin' down the rabbit hole)

It's so surprisin'
How little it will take before you overdose
The sludge is risin' up around your neck
I'm gonna drown you in this Mega Mack*
Oblivious to danger is your state of mind
Toxins in your body will keep you in check

(Drowned in ink)
No time to think in this drink
(Gone insane)
Veins in pain but you need it
(Poison slime)
Out of time but I feel fine
(Feel the rush)
This addiction is chemical

Oh man I-I don't feel so good
What's in this water?
Gotta just keep on going, get to the next air bubble
How long have I been under water?
Oh no. Uh, okay. Alright. Just make this jump and the next one
Okay wait for the platform to come around. C'mon, c'mon!

(Panicked mumbling)

My head is clearin'
This factory of death won't be my resting place
The end is nearin'
'Cause when I catch my breath your voice will be erased

You think you're free, you think you're clever
But this raw feeling lasts forever
Relax and feel the venom coursin' through your veins
Your insubordination will not break these chains

S: No time to think in this drink
R: Veins in pain but you need it
S: Out of time but I feel fine
Both: This addiction is chemical
Track Name: The Calm Before The Storm (Lava Reef Zone)

Wayward stranger
Lost inside
A dark and hazy dream

Too late now
Water rising
And we're in too deep

Come with me
Take my hand
We'll travel through the stream

The burning
Feel the fire deep inside of me

And I know that we will make it right
In time it's true we'll win the fight
But for now let's cherish what we have
For blood will soon be drawn
It's the calm before storm

Hold your loved ones
Say goodbye
The light will soon be gone

No running
Stand your ground
We will be fighting on

The moment
is at hand
The army's closing in

Stay focused
Steel yourself
Come morning
It begins